Chocolate Letter/Number Truffles Gift Set


Large Chocolate Letter or Number of your choice with 6 delicious handmade chocolate truffles.

So many choices for this one so make sure to include them when you order.

The base of the letter can be Milk, Dark or White chocolate.

Toppings (choose up to 3) :



Dried Raspberries



Mini Fudge

Large Fudge


Mini Smarties

Crushed Oreo

Crushed Biscoff Biscuits

Strawberry Millions

Honeycomb Pieces


Haribo Hearts

Cherry Lips

Strawberry Pencils

Jelly Beans

Haribo Strawberries

Chocolate Crowns

Chocolate Hearts

Milk Chocolate Buttons

White Chocolate Buttons

Dark Chocolate Buttons

Ruby Chocolate Buttons

Caramel Chocolate Buttons

Coffee Chocolate Buttons

Jelly Turtles

Flying Saucers

Cola Bottles

Mini Marshmallows

Big Marshmallows



Cashew Nuts

Pecan Nuts

Brazil Nuts

Truffle Choices – Salted Caramel, White Chocolate Champagne and Raspberry, Dark Passionfruit, Milk Vanilla.

Presented in a hard based box with a clear lid.

Please Remember to include Letter/ Number choice and Truffle choices



As these are made to order please allow an extra 5 days on top of postage time

This product may contain traces of nuts


Additional information

Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 16 × 11 × 3.2 cm


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